The Xcel Infiniti Mens Wetsuit is designed for warmth and features Xcel’s newest technologies: Channel Flex and Radiant Rebound.  This latest advanceent ultises a metal lining under the textile that blocks cold temperatures from penetrating the outer layer and relfects heat generated within the wetsuit back towards the body, keeping you warmer for longer.

  • New Radiant Rebound chest panel – Reflected internal heat distribution to keep you warmer for longer.
  • Channel Flex upper body – Exterior lightweight, hydrophobic gridded material breaks up tension by redusing fibre and water weight, allowing completely free range of motion.
  • Plush Thermo Lite Infrared lower body – A lightweight, thermo-generating yarn to maximize warmth without adding weight.
  • 100% Ultra Flex lower body – High performance, high flexibility.
  • Nanoprene Lite Japanese Limestone – Eco-friendly, limestone-based neoprene with unrivaled memory and rebound that is lighter, warmer, and softer than the average neoprene.
  • Glide Skin collar – Durable smooth skin collar creating a water-tight seal to prevent flushing.
  • Dope-Dye Yarn – Soft, eco-firendly and anti fade material.  Dope-dying infuses dye pigments into a molten plastic solution to produce colored yarns without the dyeing process. This saves tremendous amounts of water while reducing energy consumption and water pollution.
  • Semi-Dry zipper with magnetic closure – Keeps water out.
  • Engineered fit system – Fits like a second skin.
  • Back knee flex groves – Articulated pre-bent knee with grooves to prevent folding behind the knee.
  • Triple Glued & Blind Stitched seams – A water-tight seam construction where foam edges are glued multiple times before being slammed together creating air/water-tight seal, then stitched a quarter way through the foam to give it the strength needed.
  • FusionX tape – The next generation precision tape technology, applied by a machined heat-pressure process which bonds tape directly to suit ensuring maximum seam durability while eliminating need for excess glue that causes irritation.
  • Nexskin wrist & ankle seals – Minimises flushing.
  • Water based glue – XCEL turned solvent-based laminating glue into water-based glue, eliminating harmful, volatile organic compounds (VOCs).






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