PUKAS INNCA 69er EVOLUTION 6’10 Future Fins


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Disponible en: 6’10 x 21.75 x 3.00 – 47.36 Litros.

Sistema de Quillas Future.

  • The Pukas 69er Evolution is a stretched out more refined version of the hugely popular Original Sixtyniner. A great all rounder just like its predecessor, the Evolution has beenfine tuned for faster and steeper waves.
  • The Pukas 69er Evolution is designed by Axel Lorentz to be the ultimate travel board. Whether it is a heavy Indo pit or a fun summer peeler the Evolution will eat it up.
  • Being such a good all rounder, this board suits a really wide range of people; pretty much everyone. Paddles really well and catches waves really easily. But with the foam taken out of the back of the board allows you to engage the rail a lot easier, specially on the bigger days.
  • Justin from Down the Line (UK) has a few things to say when the waves get bigger: “You can use it when it gets bigger. One thing I have found a bit weird is when you go from surfing your twin-fin fish which is really wide up in the front, and jumping to a standard shortboard it feels quit skinny and a bit hard to translate from.
  • Whereas when I jump to this, it clicks and feels confortable right away; it holds and still has that drive and maneuverability.
  • Fabricada en tecnología INN/CA.

Medidas disponibles:

  • 5’10 x 19.75 x 2.38 – 29.12 Litros.
  • 6’2 x 20.75 x 2.63 – 35.74 Litros.
  • 6’6 x 21.25 x 2.88 – 42.22 Litros.
  • 6’10 x 21.75 x 3.00 – 47.36 Litros.
  • 7’2 x 22.25 x 3.13 – 53.06 Litros.

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Pukas INN·CA is a new epoxy surfboard technology that is exclusive to Pukas. Together the white Innegra (INN) fiber and the black Carbon (CA) fiber frame the rail of the surfboard and give an enhanced performance by damping high speed vibrations while increasing the flex characteristics of the EPS foam and Epoxy resin surfboards. It is lightweight and durable plus it is great in shock absorption.

Shaped out of a stringer-less EPS foam, our exclusive Innegra fiber is carefully marinated in bio base epoxy resin and cooked to perfection in a temperature that we keep secret. In the water this surfboard feels alive.