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  • Medida disponible: 6’6 x 20 3/8 x 2 9/16 – 36,30 Litros

    Polivalente, Elegante y Funcional

    Fácil de remar, receptiva y suelta, la midlenght Crisis tiene un outline semi-tradicional de punta ancha que es elegante y veloz, y da un control rápido, pero lo suficientemente completo como para brindar mayor estabilidad y deslizamiento en olas más pequeñas o con menos fuerza.

    Cuenta con finos cantos que le dan sensibilidad y capacidad de girar potente, y un rocker moderado que va de tail a nose de manera uniforme, y con cóncavo en V a doble cóncavo.

    La Crisis es una tabla te facilitará mucho las transciones de canto a canto, facilitando los giros sea cual sea el nivel del surfista que la monte.

    Cuenta con configuración single fin y con dos cajetines extras para añadirle estabilizadores o side bites en caso de que asi lo prefieras o en condiciones concretas.

    Capaz de dar lo mejor de si en olas potentes, no te decepcionará cuando el swell baje y las condiciones no sean tan perfectas.


    • Nueva midlenght de Pyzel.
    • Velocidad y control.
    • Sensibilidad y giro.
    • Single fin o con estabilizadores (sistema FCSII)

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  • Medida disponible: 6’0 x 20 1/4 x 2 5/8 – 34,50 Litros

    Fast, Free, and Fun.

    The Wildcat channel bottom twin is the second offering under our Velocity Project label, which we have been testing and refining with our team riders and friends over the past 2 years and it’s finally ready for everyone to enjoy.

    Inspired by beautiful twin-fin designs of the past, built with my curves and contours. The boards look and feel timeless, yet allow the type of modern performance that we strive to bring to all our boards.

    The bottom curve is clean, and relatively flat, offering great paddle speed and easy acceleration from the moment you get to your feet. A single/double concave runs throughout the bottom, blending into a moderate V and 4 channels running off the tail. All of this is designed to help the board roll from rail to rail, add a little extra bite off the bottom and quickly respond to weight shifts while easily flowing over softer sections of a wave. This helps increase your speed as you push it through turns.

    The outline is a blend of traditional and modern as well, with the wide point just up from center, moderately wide nose and a classic single wing rounded pintail. The wing and the pin work in conjunction with the channels to provide both drive and maneuverability, allowing for snappy, pivoted turns and sweeping carves.

    The nose is a refined beak (you know I love these), which lets us run a touch more thickness up under the chest area, keeping you more on top of the water while you paddle. The rails have a modern shortboard feel, but with extra foam taken off to aid in sensitivity and bite.

    The speed, flow and easy surfing of this board is something we all love and it’s a benefit for any surfer in almost any type of wave.

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